We are going to continue with the blog as usual, because it’s the only thing we can do and we can’t let ourselves succumb to this.But today, more than ever, I wanted to send you a message of love, of kindness, of brotherhood and peace. In my name, and on behalf of my team, I want to send you light and warmth, because we will never be able to make sense of the horror.

Camille is a wonderful contradiction, who really loves a turtleneck… ! A former lawyer who stumbled into the super glamorous and crazy life of a fashion blogger; a Parisian who now lives in London; a “fashion girl” who is completely down to earth and charming – and has impeccable taste in classical French music, the amazing talents you find in people when you get comfortable with them for an entire afternoon!

I already have anxiety about my 26 hour flight home to Sydney for Christmas.

So anything that might bring a little extra ease or peace to that flight is always welcome!!! I really adore this cute little travel pack, a collaboration between Clare V. and Parachute. It’s extra fine merino wool, super cozy and not too precious for serious travel situations (this being one!). But what I think is pure ingenuity is that it’s an eye mask and lightweight blanket in a case that doubles as a pillow case!

Such a lovely little addition to my travel essentials. Ok, so maybe it’s not quite essential but it might make 26 hours feel a little closer to 20…