I went for lunch at Tiny’s the other day, close to the studio, and ordered something that sounded a little weird… And actually loved it so much, I asked for the recipe. It’s super easy to do, extra good and pretty healthy, I had to share it with you !!!

Combine all vegetables in a bowl Add a traditional, unsweetened pancake batter to bowl Massage batter and vegetable lightly, binding ingredients together Pour combination into butter-greased pan Flatten out with a spatula, allowing to cook for about 2 – 3 minutes on each side depending on pancake density Garnish with arugula and pinch of sunflower seeds Add poached eggs if desired Tiny’s house made hot sauce is recommended to complete the dish.

Everything in her home really has it’s place, but there is a relaxed feeling and the personal touches make it truly special… the pale pink that coats her daughter’s bedroom, and the stacks of books everywhere. It’s pared back but you can tell that Eymèle has really made it her own, and see that this is a space where she can showcase the things she loves, what defines her — but in a subtle and very chic way.